Message in a bottle

Help me. I’m stranded
I can’t find my way
Nor my home, nor myself
I’m so lost now, astray
Won’t you help me?
just listen
please lend me your ear
I’m afraid and alone now
And needing you near.

2 thoughts on “Message in a bottle

  1. Thank you. I’m lying next to my perfect, healthy son who turns one on Saturday. I’m sobbing, again, as he sleeps. I knew I’d be emotional at his birthday. I cry in part because he’s well now, but also because he was so sick, too early, and I was prepared in no way for how he came. I’ve been looking for your words, but didn’t know it until now. Thank you, a million times, thank you.


    1. Mary, thank you. I am so sorry for your tears. They are completely understandable. There are no emotions that I haven’t been through over the last two years. I am so glad you can connect with this, you are not alone. I found my daughter’s first birthday an incredibly intense time emotionally, because it is of course the anniversary of your birth, as much as a celebration of your baby’s. I hope that you found some time for peace and reflection, and to celebrate you as a mother. Sending you huge hugs. Sarah


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