It’s taken me an awfully long time to pluck up the courage to write this blog. I’ve been collecting midnight musings of my rawest moments over the last 18 months and counting, but until now I’ve been a bit paralysed into silence over birth and motherhood. We are not really encouraged to explore negative emotions or confess stark realities in this Facebook world of airbrushed smiles and breakfast selfies. But some things deserve to be said, and so unashamedly, this is me sharing my stories. This blog is about all of it – from ‘normal’ births, to poo, to post-natal anxiety, PTSD, and how I’ve learnt to be a ‘good enough’ parent in spite of it.

I’m scared – because being honest means being vulnerable. But I’m doing it anyway. Because if there’s one thing I wish for, it’s that there was a little bit more honest conversation around the sacred, bloody, painful, frightening, beautiful reality of birth. And if this resonates with even one person going through the same and they feel less alone as a result, it’s worth it.

So here’s to being brave…[deep breath]